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Dynamic Calendar

This Dynamics CRM solution allows quick and simple visualizations of any record in CRM that contains a date field. Easily view appointments for an individual or a team, display task due dates, view the campaign and campaign activities for the entire organization, or any other custom record you may have - on a clean and simple to understand calendar.

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At a glance...

View Everything

All Entities, All Attributes. Easily create views for any system or custom entity that has a date field. Easily visualize all your information.

Custom Views

Easily customize the calendar views to suit your needs with a custom query. Design the query through Advanced Find and create a calendar view for it.

Embedded Views

View a record's related data in the record form. See all account activities, or orders, or both directly on the accopunt record.


Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple

Dynamic Calendar is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 applications as well as Common Data Services Model Drive Apps. It provides a clean and simple calendar view for all CDS data.

Multiple Views

Multiple Views

Display and overlay multiple calendar views to understand interactions and timelines across sections of the business.

Display External Data

Display External Data

Easily display calendar entries from a Google Calendar, or many other platforms that support the iCalendar file format. Include a view for public holidays or simplify the integration with your other systems.

Quick Preview

Quick Preview

Display additional details about the record to quickly get all the information you need.

Localised Interface

Localised Interface

The calendar interface can be displayed in over 40 different langages, based on the CRM Locale or User Preference.


There's a plan to suit any business size and need. From an always free version, to the Enterprise that has multple environment with lots of users.

Free Version

So everyone can try it

$0 - no money, free forever

  • Up to 5 users
  • Fully featured


Suitable for most businesses

$5 per user/month

  • Online Support
  • All future upgrades


Great for larger organisations

$1,000 per org/month

  • Easily cap the monthly spend
  • Great for large orgs


For multiple environments

Contact us for pricing

  • Unlimited CRM Organisations
  • One license for all users

All trials start on the Standard plan. If you meet the criteria for the free version, the trial simply never expires. For more details or to switch to the Organisation and Enterprise plans please contact us. All amounts are in USD.

Dynamic Calendar is available for Dynamics 365 Online and the Power Platform only. If you're still using On Premise and want Dynamic Calendar please reach out to our support team if we can help.

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Embed a calendar view in entity forms to display related data in a calendar