#Install Dynamic Calendar Solution on CRM 2015 (Online or On-premise)

This article will teach you how to install the Microsoft CRM Dynamic Calendar Solution in just a few simple steps.

1. Download the latest version

Go to the official page and download the latest version of the solution. Simply click the Download Now button.

2. Get ready to Import

Log-in to Dynamics CRM as a System Administrator. It’s important that you log on as a user that has sufficient privileges to import new solutions. You may need IT to help out. After you log on, navigate to the All Solutions screen by going to Settings and then Solution from the top navigation bar. In that screen, click the Import button.

3. Select the downloaded Solution file

After you have selected the solution file, click Next.

4. Confirm the solution file

After ensuring it’s the correct file, click the Next button.

5. Start Import

Make sure the checkbox is checked (it should be by default), and click the Import button. Hang in there, you’re past the midway point.

6. Watch the progress bar

Just watch the pretty little lines slowly fill up to the top…. This shouldn’t really take more than a minute or two.

7. Import Complete

The Import is done, click the close button. We’re almost done!

8. Publish Changes

In CRM, after we import a solution, we need to publish it so CRM will make it available for all our users. Simply click the Publish All Customizations button in the Solutions list screen.

After publishing it is recommended to do a full page refresh of the CRM to ensure the latest versions are re-downloaded from the server