#How to use Dynamic Calendar

Now that you’ve successfully installed the Dynamic Calendar solution, this quick tutorial will get you started with the functionality of Dynamic Calendar.

Where is it?

You can access the Calendar Views main interface by clicking on the added tile under the My Work area.

Main Calendar Screen

  1. Add new view
  2. Refresh Views
  3. Collapse views area
  4. Go to previous or next month/week/day in the calendar.
  5. Change calendar view to show a month, a week, or a day.

Calendar View Definition Screen

  1. View Name that will be displayed on the Tile or referenced in an Embedded Calendar View
  2. The Entity that is displayed when the view is displayed.
  3. The date field on the selected entity to use as the start date on the calendar
  4. The date field on the selected entity to use as the end date on the calendar - can be the same as the start date field.
  5. The string field on the selected entity to use as the text to display for the entry. This would usually be the record name or subject.
  6. Click to select the different colors for the border, background, and text color for the records displayed. The preview will update immediately.
  7. Determines if this view can be embedded on an entity form.
  8. Who owns this view record
  9. Determined by the system if edits are allowed for the selected start and end date fields on the selected Entity.
  10. Determines if Drag and Drop editing is allowed via the calendar. This field is available only if both start and end date fields are available for updated. For example, if viewing records by lead created on field, it is not possible to enable Drag and Drop editing since it’s not possible to updated the created on field.
  11. Allows entering a custom query to determine the records to be displayed on the view. This is the criteria of the query being executed. If no custom query is supplied all records the user has access to are returned.

Create Simple View

A common scenario I’ve seen is a Sales Manager that wants to see the opportunities that are due to be closed this week or month. Of course this is a simple saved view for the user, but with Dynamic Calendar the information can be easily visualised! The configuration is below. Feel free to play around with the colors.

Displaying information on the calendar

  1. Click on the tile and the tick will come up showing it is selected.
  2. The information from the view is displayed on the calendar. These are links to the opportunity records.

Clicking on a day on the calendar will open a new opportunity form.